Membership Changes

Transferring Offices 

REALTOR® members who wish to transfer to another office must first transfer their license with Indiana Professional Licensing Agency –

A REALTOR® who is transferring their license from one firm comprised of REALTOR® principals to another firm comprised of REALTOR® principals shall be subject to all of the privileges and obligations of membership during the period of transition. If the transfer is not completed within 60 days of the date the board is advised of the disaffiliation with the current firm, membership will terminate automatically unless otherwise so directed by the Board of Directors. (per BBOR Bylaws)

The new managing broker must submit the Office Transfer Form on behalf of the REALTOR® member within 60 days of the change.  Once the form is received by BBOR staff, the REALTOR® member’s records, including billing, will be up-dated for the new office. Request the transfer form via email to

If the REALTOR® member has any active/pending MLS listings that are approved to transfer with the agent to the new office, the current/former managing broker must notify BBOR in writing of the relevant MLS#s and their permission to transfer the listings with the REALTOR® member to the new office.

Reactivating Membership 

Previous BBOR members or MLS subscribers who wish to reactivate services must apply as a new member or subscriber.  For a REALTOR® member, this includes an application and fees for local, state, and national dues, with the option of adding e-key service.  For MLS applicants, this will include submitting an application and fee along with the option of adding e-key service.

Canceling Membership 

Realtor®members who are leaving BBOR or canceling MLS subscription for any reason must notify BBOR in writing within 30 days of the effective date.  Members should send an email to, or the membership manager, stating they wish to drop membership, the reason (such as retirement, moving to another region/state, leaving the profession), and the effective date.  BBOR staff will verify that any and all outstanding invoices have been paid and will deactivate all accounts and services.  There are no refunds of membership dues.

Need a Letter of Good Standing from BBOR?

If you are considering joining a secondary board, either as a Member or MLS Subscriber, you will likely need a Letter of Good Standing from the Bloomington Board of Realtors. Submit your request via email to